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Thursday, October 13, 2011

DONE with my MUET speaking test :)


First of all, Alhamdulillah I already finish my MUET speaking test.

So, back to BM and rojaks...

I got the forth group. And it kinda pissed me off.  I came at 7.30 then i started the speaking test at 9.30.
What should i do during the 2 hours gap? They took my handphone and i can't use any devices during that time. So, i decided to sleep. Pathetic me. LOL

OK,  during the exam. Before enter the other room. I really got butterfly in my stomach :O

I'm nervous :(

But then i managed to throw the butterfly away. Like my pakcik sayangs said earlier, what i have to do is just LOL-ing and keep trolololo(only we both know what's that mean).

ok, the situation was like this..

= : Examiner
::  : Candidates

Macam ni lah saya duduk :). Btw, i wanna say something about group mate sy

Candidate A: Budak palam satu hall kelas BEL.
Kau buat tak kenal je ye. Dah la satu BEL. =.=

Candidate C: A chinese boy from SABS.
Hey dude, i like you. Jangan pikir bukan bukan ;|. Bagus lah dia, tolong Candidates A yang xlancar sangat speaking. Plus, dia elaborate point dia sangat bagus. So, i choose his point without doubt.

Candidate D: A dude from i-don't-know
Hey derr, peliklah kau ni. Kat Part A pon kau dah bangkang point orang apekedehal =.=. Dah kat part B tu pon nak menang je. Aku tanya  soalan pon jawab merapu bagai. Sokong je lah point candidate C.. Show your tolerant sikit.

By the way, best bila saya chill gila sepanjang sesi exam tu berlaku. :). And, one of the invigilators tu my ex English teacher :). Miss Quek

Thanks to Pakcik juga bagi semangat and support :]  #pi